Ice Cream

Kids Cup or Sugar Cone                          $3.5
Small Cup or Sugar Cone                        $4.5
Large Cup or Sugar Cone                        $6
Add Fresh Waffle Cone or Bowl              +$1.5

Food & Snacks
**Pita Pizzas(cut in 4 slices, or 6 upon request)
Cheese $5, Pepperoni $6.50, Veggie $7.65, Hawaiian $7, Hummus $8, Fresh Mozzarella & Sundried Tomato $7, Fresh Mozz & Sundried Tomato w/ Pesto $8.5, Pesto $6  (add chicken ($3) add ham or bacon ($1.50) to any pizza

-Chicken Nachos                                                                   $12
-Basket of Oven Fries                                                           $5
-Fruit Platter                                                                           $20
**Chicken Finger Platter                                                      $15
(6 breaded chicken tenderloins, cut in bite size pieces)
-Organic Hummus Plate                                                       $8.85
-Basket of Multi-grain chips & Mango Peach Salsa          $8
-Grilled 5 cheese & Ham Croissant Platter                        $12 
(2 sandwiches, cut in bite size pieces)

-Jar of fresh OJ w/ ice                                         $15 / $25 no ice
**Jar of Fresh Lemonade                                 $18
-Boxed water                                                      $2.25 each 
(we will provide complimentary pitchers of filtered water)
-Cans of soda                                                     $1.63
-Cortado                                                             $2     
-Café con leche                                                  $2.25
We have a wide assortment of drinks, including organic juices, teas, & more!

72 hrs. advance notice required:
**Brownie or Chocolate Chip Cookie platter                              $30
(24 brownies or cookies)                
-Organic Juice Boxes approx. 12                                                    $12


Cupcake:  (2-6 people)           $12 
Small:  (8-12 people)              $25
Medium: (15-20 people)        $40
Large:  (20-25 people             $50

**  Top sellers

Prices do not include 11.5% IVU

Prices subject to change.  Contact one of our catering specialists for final prices


Menu Recommendations

Summer/Fall 2016 In-store Party Package
Available in Condado & Torrimar Cafés)

Thank you for your interest in Ben & Jerry's Condado as the destination for your party.  Our in-store party package includes the following:

-15 - 30 guests  $75
- 31- 50 guests $100
- 50+ guests       $200+ 
Prices for guests are based on maximum expected attendees.
Service fee includes Ben & Jerry’s branded decoration & separation of area, individualized service & problem solving to ensure a flawless event.   It is paid as a deposit upon event confirmation.  It is non-refundable.  Event must be confirmed at least 7 days in advance.

- Two 6ft tables (used for buffet style spread), 2 tables with 4 chairs each.  
- 3 hr party duration (additional time may have additional charges).  We will separate the area 45 minutes in advance for set up and decoration.

We accommodate parties Weekday afternoons, evenings & Saturday afternoons.  

Option 1: Pre-ordered, pre-paid Ben & Jerry’s Custom Cake.  Orders can be made by phone @ Ben & Jerry’s Condado (787-721-0596) or Ben & Jerry’s Torrimar (787-793-3659) at least 3 full days in advance. 
Option 2:  Pre-made tickets (we can help you) to hand out to guests to redeem an ice cream menu item @ anytime during the party.  Please indicate to guests, it is only valid for the duration of your party.  You may choose which items will be available.  Generally, guests offer a kids cup or waffle cone in addition to cake.   
Please inform us of which option/s you plan to use at least 3 days in advance.

- Minimum consumption of $75/ hr 
-We will serve complimentary filtered water pitchers & ice

We offer a wide range of foods and snacks perfect for guests to “picar", as well as individual menu items for special guests, or those with special dietary needs.  Please see below for our party food recommendations.  We do not allow outside food or drinks of any kind to be brought or consumed during the party.  

Ben & Jerry’s is honored to be located @ Ventana al Mar park & the Torrimar Tren Urbano Station.  We are pleased to provide a comfortable & ample location for your event.   However, we are not permitted to allow any activities involving speakers or other entertainment equipment of any kind.  Entertainment should be modest & intimate & not infringe on the ambiance of other customers nor our neighbors.  Any plans for entertainment must be clearly communicated & approved by Ben & Jerry’s Puerto Rico a minimum of 4 days before the event.  Any unapproved changes of plans will be cause for cancellation of the event and loss of deposit.

*Customer must provide a valid credit card at the start of the event, which will be used to pay the final bill, as well as any damages to store property, if applicable.